godtube-logo.pngReligious-themed social networks may be among the more under-appreciated of web sites.

Today, Comscore released numbers showing GodTube, a YouTube for Christians, to be the fastest growing site on the internet in August. It grew 973 percent and ranked among the top 1000 web properties by unique visitors — the same month it officially launched, as Mashable’s Kristen Nicole points out.

GodTube lets users, preferably Christians, upload, share and comment on videos.

Meanwhile, JewTube — yes, a YouTube for Jews — is facing a trademark lawsuit from Google.

We noticed the growth of religious social networks back in August, especially the fast growth of two Facebook applications, Bible Verses and Daily Bible Verse.

church-stats1.pngToday, we checked back in with Adoholic, our data source. Both apps have more than doubled their number of total users. But only a few thousand Facebook users are active with Daily Bible Verse daily, and only around 25,000 are active on Bible Verses.

Both apps allow user to prominently feature Bible Verses on their profile pages: If the measure of success is souls saved not user engaged, these apps are headed down the right path.

church-stats2.pngDaily Bible Verse, owned by a Christian social network called MyChurch.org, recently announced it had over more than 10,000 churches on its network.

Other funded religious social networks include CircleBuilder, a site designed more broadly for faith-based groups, and Oikos. As one Oikos developer said last month: “We’ve harnessed the power of Web 2.0 to create a Flash-based environment that has never been seen before in the Christian community.”

Question is, will MC Hammer get into the religious act with his new startup, the forthcoming DanceJam? After all, this author saw him perform a Christian concert (that included “Can’t Touch This”) at a revival service in Albany, Oregon, in 2001.