(Update: Turns out, Care.com, a very similarly named site, has just raised $2M. More below.)

caring-logo.jpgCaring.com, a Silicon Valley web site aimed to help people care for aging parents, plans to launch its Web site Friday, and has raised $6 million in a first round of venture funding.

Split Rock Partners led the round. DCM, which previously backed the Palo Alto, Calif. company with $750,000 in seed capital, also participated according to VentureWire (subscription required).

Founder Andy Cohen conceived the idea last year after he had trouble finding information about how to care for his mother, who was sick with lung cancer.

Since that time, several health-related start-ups have launched or raised funding, including DailyStrength (see coverage ) and PatientsLikeMe, many of them including offering information about diseases and the symptoms people are feeling — and ways for people and relatives to share information and experiences about these diseases. Separately, regulatory filings show that Care.com (note the name is slightly different from Carling.com), a company that helps you search for caregivers, has just raised $2 million in another round led by Matrix Partners (adding to $3.5M already raised; see our coverage).

Caring.com, however, will offer specific information for the caretakers of people suffering from diseases — including not only information about diseases but practical information about care housing and legal tips (how to draw up a will) and sharing features.

“This will allow us to make sure we have the best content available to be able to market the site,” Cohen said of the Series A round. “Everybody needs this, but we want to make sure they know about it when they need it.”