divshare-professional-media-and-document-sharing.jpgDivShare, one of the best in the ever expanding mass of mostly undifferentiated file hosting and sharing services, has just added a flash-based document viewer to its offerings, which include photo slideshow, video, and music players.

Like that of Scribd and SlideShare, DivShare’s document viewer lets you upload Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files, embed them anywhere, and read them without having to download anything.

Standing alone, this is nothing new, but combined with its other flash players and its free, unlimited online storage, DivShare offers an attractive package.

DivShare has also created an iPhone application that allows you to search, e-mail, and download your stored files. Next week it will release a Facebook app, “Projects by DivShare,” that creates a space for students to share and read documents within their profiles. Let the plagiarism begin!

The four person company recently moved from a beachfront home in Delaware to Silicon Valley and intends to raise a Series A in the near future.