Draths is an Okemos, Michigan company using technology license from Michigan State University. It is working with bioengineered microbes, though the company has been secretive as to specific applications or targets of its technology.

John Frost, the company’s chief scientific officer, is also a professor at the school’s department of chemistry. Microbes from his lab were used to produce Tamiflu and a rocket fuel called butanetriol, according to VentureWire (subscription required), which reported the funding.
However, past companies we’ve reported on that are working with microorganisms, such as LS9 (coverage here), are mainly working toward generation of biofuels using microbes. That purpose would also fit the investment profile of Khosla Ventures, the sole investor in the round.

Of the $5 million total, Khosla only immediately provided half; the other half is contingent on milestones to be achieved by the company. Draths previously took angel funding.