likevisualsearch.bmpLike, the San Mateo company lets you search for items to buy based on visual characteristics you’re looking for, has raised $3.3m more in financing.

Like’s chief executive Munjal Shah has proven nimble. He started two years ago with photo search, with a product originally called Riya. He then changed quickly, when he realized the market was stronger in visual search for shopping. Riya is the name of the parent company.

Like is now getting three million monthly unique visitors a month, Shah says. That’s been driven by new features, including one that lets other site owners make their own images clickable, and then searchable by Like. To do this, Web site owners add a line of javacript code to their site, and this highlights items in an image, so that you click on specific item, for example a shirt someone is wearing, and Like does a search for it.

Like has also bought Adwords beside Google search results to drive traffic. Finally, Like has worked hard to increase click-through rates in other ways. We’ll be hearing more from Like soon.

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Investors include previous investors Nokia Venture Partners, Bay Partners, and Leapfrog Ventures.