sexypolitics031108.pngThe combination of sex and politics isn’t just in the news, it’s a good way to drive voter awareness. Which is why a new site called is such a smart idea.

Essentially, it’s an interactive quiz, where a female or male model of your choosing (pictured below) strips down to their underwear for you, as you correctly answer politically-charged questions.

sexystrip0311082.pngYou can take quizzes on political issues of the day, on general political awareness, or on presidential candidates (your correspondent scored a 9/10 on the Obama quiz). You even get to choose your own strip-tease theme music. If you take too much time to answer the question, you lose the question. A timer and and a points section on the quiz keep track of your progress.

Note: This site is most likely safe to go to while you’re at work (although taking the quizzes has been a little awkward for me in the Starbucks where I’ve been trying it out). You can also opt out of the strip entirely by clicking on an obvious “skip the strip” button on the quizzes.

The questions and the rest of the information on the site is more cleverly written than most web startups you’ll see, because its writers were striking professional writers. Here’s a screenshot of a sample question, answered correctly (the screenshot was taken right before an article of clothing was removed):

sexyp0311082.pngYou don’t just get to see attractive people take their clothes off when you prove how wonky you are — you also earn points that you can use to purchase political books or clever politically-related t-shirts.

Another funny writing sample: The description of the “socialnetworkism” t-shirt you can win (pictured below, it comes in “Facebook navy” blue):

Finally a shirt design that converges the two trendiest fashions for young people today – the internet and hammer and sickle symbol. Indulge in your hipster nostalgia of the Soviet Union by honoring the social networking sites that have made giving power to the masses fun again.

socialn031108.pngThe site’s cookies, small snippets of code that track your behavior on the site, will record the points you earn even before register. So you can try the site out, then register, then go get your book or t-shirt.

The site isn’t just about quizzes. It also features short blurbs written by the site’s own staff of bloggers, that direct its users to articles on other sites about interesting political ideas and trends. The blogger try hard to explain why the article in question is somehow “sexy.”

The Los Angeles company sells ads on the site to make money. But it also offers an interesting method of sponsorship. Corporations, political organizations and individuals can donate rewards, to be used as incentives for the site’s users to take more quizzes. In return, the site offers donors free marketing on the site, and analytics about how responsive its users are to the donations. Experts — whether a nonprofit, a political organization, a corporation, or another “expert” — can also author a branded “daily quiz” featured on the site’s front page.

Sex and politics are already a proven way to raise voter awareness, as demonstrated by the success of sites like Votergasm, a how-to-vote guide featuring scantily clad people, and Voter Virgin, another sex-related voter awareness site. Both of which have found some success in attracting audiences.

It’s founded by some guys with a serious understanding of media and marketing. One founder is Matt Wiggins, who I met in LA last week. He’s previously created a feature length documentary movie called The Young Americans Project, and has some other exciting movie-related projects in the works (that he told me about off-the record sorry). Another is Joe Sabia, who was a new media creator at HBO — until he left to join the company. Sabia, among other things, created the viral video hit “7 Minute Sopranos,” which as the name suggests, recaps the HBO series The Sopranos into an entertaining seven minutes.

The company has already raised funding from an undisclosed source, which Wiggins describes as a a media expert. The company is currently looking for more angel funding, preferably from sources who have expertise in technology, data analysis or politics. You can contact the company here.