Here’s the latest action:

downturn.jpgDell cutting more jobs, as stock declines, other employers join in — Jobs are getting cut left and right, and the unemployment rate has shot up last month to 5.1 percent from 4.8 percent. Last year, the computer manufacturer Dell said it would eliminate 8,800 jobs, or 10 percent of its workforce. Now founder Michael Dell says the company will be laying off more than that number: “We’ll go past it, at least by one.” Dell has been struggling to boost profits and turn itself around, particularly after Hewlett Packard surged past it in 2006 to become the nation’s largest PC maker. The company’s stock has declined steadily in recent months. It comes as other employers slashed 80,000 jobs in March, the most in five years and the third straight month of losses.

craigslist.jpgCraigslist worth $5 billion? It gets an official blog — Silicon Alley Insider estimates Craigslist’s worth at a whopping $5 billion. Meanwhile, the very plain vanilla site Craigslist has finally started its own blog, a month after Tim White launched an unofficial Craigslist blog. Among these “official” posts: Jim Buckmaster wonders why keeps parking a truck in front of the Craigslist offices.

The golden days of Windows XP are overAll About Microsoft reports that the Windows maker has made it official: All PCs — except for some low-cost laptops — made after June 30 must come preloaded with Windows Vista, not XP. I guess that’s Microsoft’s tough love. Maybe if people are forced to use Vista, they’ll realize how great it is …

Senators propose reviving cleantech tax credits — The United States Senate has repeatedly blocked renewal of an important investment tax credit for renewable energy products, because it requires shutting down $18 billion in tax breaks for the oil industry. It appeared that the ITC would die in political deadlock this year. However, two senators now propose reviving the credit, without taking the money from oil. One catch: They didn’t suggest a replacement financial source. Via CNET.

googlelogo.jpgGoogle loses its top chef to Facebook — Yes, we all know that Facebook has been stealing some of Google’s “hot new thing” sheen, but now the social networking site is hitting Googlers where it really hurts — in the stomach. That’s right, Google’s executive chef is leaving for Facebook.

Study says blogs aren’t as important as you think — Canadian research firm Pollara found that self-described social media users still trust their friends and family more than influential bloggers or MySpace “celebrities” with more than 10,000 friends. It’s nice to see some data to back this up, but didn’t everyone know it already?

LGBT social network raises $350KFriends You Know, a network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender users is currently in testing mode, and is targeting $4 million for its first round of funding. The money comes from chief executive Matthew Small, the Eugene B. Shapiro Revocable Trust, the Vicki Lehner Adams Revocable Trust and the Daniel T. Zagorin Revocable Trust, according to PEHub.