The Maker’s Faire is a yearly event that descends on San Mateo, Calif., bringing together crafters, engineers, hobbyists, welders, pyromaniacs and a motley assortment of other fringe entrepreneurs to show off their handiwork. VentureBeat’s Chris Morrison visited the Faire this weekend, returning with a little commentary and a lot more pictures of this unique Bay Area event.

Warning: About a dozen more full-sized pictures follow the jump.

Electric motorcycles from Electric Motorsport:

The steampunk take on a Vespa:

A pedal-powered bus:

And now, a few oddities:

If the electric car doesn’t take off, it’ll probably be the electric cupcake:

This thing isn’t actually moving, by the way. But it’s nice to pretend:

And this final picture nicely sums up the spirit of the entire event: