The clean-technology event VentureBeat is co-hosting with SF Green is coming up on Monday (it starts at 5pm for networking at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco; program content starts at 6pm).

We’ve added three companies onto the roster of exhibitors, which already included Tesla Motors and Kleiner Perkins managing partner Ray Lane. Ticket sales for the event are still open here, while our previous post includes full details on the event’s background. The purpose is to bring clean-tech entrepreneurs, investors and other interested parties together.

First up, we’ll have Akeena Solar showing up with one of their new Andalay solar panels, which they’re calling the lego blocks of the solar world — just snap them together on a rooftop. (Unlike legos, you’ll still want to have a professional installer on hand.) Second, we’ll have a pair of Vectrix electric scooters on hand from a local dealership. With a top speed of 62mph, top range of 55 miles and 0-50mph acceleration in 6.8 seconds, it’s one of the few two-wheeled electric vehicles that could get you to work reliably every day.

Finally, we’ve got Ponoko, an “online personal factory” startup. Ponoko takes designs from its users and creates them in the physical world with laser cutting machines. Although the company is based in New Zealand, it’s establishing an outpost in San Francisco. Its eventual ambition is to spread across the map, setting up local, on-demand shops close to where they’re needed, and thus saving on transportation and manufacturing waste. I got together with Ponoko’s Dave ten Have today to talk about the concept, and that’s what the audio post and pictures below are about.

A puzzle board made with Ponoko’s laser cutting machines:

The plastic parts in this device are made by Ponoko, the remainder assembled by the designer: