The Ozone Man Inc, a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based start up, has raised $350,000. The company offers ultraviolet ozone generators, using the ozone to clean the air of pollution, odors and bacteria.

A customer can buy the Ozone Man Deep Cleaning service, starting from $395, after the air has been inspected by the Ozone Man technicians. The inspection and testing services start from $100. After cleaning, Ozone Man’s ultraviolet germicidal accessories are supposed to keep the air clean. One product is the Terminator, that is installed in the main air-duct.

Ozone, which consists of three oxygen atoms, is a used for example, in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and municipal drinking water systems to kill bacteria with.

The company has raised $350,000 earlier, and it was founded 2007 by chief executive Dr. Halden Shane.