EcoSmart Technologies wants to dispense with manufactured chemical compounds, and look to nature for ways to discourage unwanted insects. The Alpharetta, GA company has raised $5 million more to help commercialize its insecticides, according to a filing acquired by VentureBeat.

EcoSmart makes a line of pesticides derived from plants that have natural defenses against pests. Among the company’s products are insecticides for commercial and agricultural use, but it also sells aerosol sprays for use by consumers.

The company also announced this year that its sprays will be carried by Wal-Mart and other retailers.

The $5 million funding was provided by previous investors DFJ Element, Draper Associates, Rockport Capital, Industrial Technology Ventures, Early Stage Partners and Delta Venture Partners. EcoSmart took $9 million in its last round and $6 million in 2004, for a total to date of $20 million.