MovieSet is a professionally-focused iteration of the idea that audience feedback can help shape a film even as it is being made.

The Vancouver, Canada company takes movies that are in later stages of editing or near release and lets audiences see things like live on-set videos, interviews with cast members and other behind-the-scenes information. It also lets a movie producer offer online contests and other social network features to gather user feedback on the films.

The site has featured scores of independent movies, including many that appeared in the recent Cannes Film Festival.

The company has raised $2 million from Rho Capital, and has the option to raise another $3 million from the firm based on meeting milestones, according to VentureWire, which reports that it plans to make money through anything from targeted ads to to reselling costumes and props from films.

Sample movie page, below. Note: from my hour-long perusal of clips on the site, many of movies on it seem to be of the B-list horror variety.