Pluggd, a company that has already developed audio and video search technology, is launching a back-end software service designed for high-end online video publishing. The new service, what the company calls a video platform, integrates the existing search capabilities to let publishers more easily identify parts of a video that they want to highlight to their viewers.

Seattle, Wash.-based Pluggd, which is renaming itself Delve Networks, says that its new service’s combination of audio and visual search technology and interface gives it an edge over its rivals. Company founder Alex Castro says that video publishing software built in-house by media organizations are the closest competitors. Brightcove and Yahoo’s Maven Networks also offer back-end video publishing services.

Delve’s service, built in Adobe’s Flex software framework, lets a video publisher do things like start uploading a video, then edit the video while it is still being uploaded. It also offers customization options, so an organization can use the service to integrate it with their own internal video software. Delve videos can also be published to a variety of consumer-facing video players. It also offers syndication and search engine optimization, somewhat similar to Veotag.

The company’s existing search technology features a bar and a search box beneath a video player, where a user can type in a word or phrase and see a heat-map of areas in a video where the word is mentioned. See screenshot, left. The search technology uses a semantic matching system that crawls 200 million web pages and tries to figure out general trends in how words related to each other. The result, for example, means that you can search for “real” and “estate” and it will recognize that you’re looking for “real estate.”

Partners include Cnet, Intel, Wallstrip and So far, Castro says that partners using the current Pluggd search features see up to a 300 percent increase in the number of videos that users watch per video-viewing session.

You can view a demo of the platform here. Screenshot below.