PartnerUp helps its members start, manage and grow their businesses through its interactive online community geared solely toward entrepreneurs and small business owners. Founded in 2005, PartnerUp has since helped tens of thousands of members find the right people to help start their businesses, seek opportunities to get involved with startups, network with other members on the startup scene, ask for or offer up business advice, and find small-business-friendly service providers and commercial real estate for their businesses.

So what exactly does PartnerUp do? Using PartnerUp, you can:

Network with other members on the startup and small business scene.
With the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have checked out PartnerUp, you can find many opportunities to network. The best way to do that on the site is through our live, interactive forums.

Ask for and offer up advice.
Through PartnerUp’s Ask a Question feature, you can post your question, which will then automatically get sent to members who have the knowledge and expertise to adequately answer it.

Find commercial real estate.
PartnerUp’s Commercial Real Estate Marketplace is a listing service that allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to find the small to medium sized commercial spaces in their area. You can sift through listings based on location, price, minimum lease term, size of space and several other options.

Find resources for your business.
The PartnerUp resource directory allows you to browse through listings of service providers by category and then find the right providers to complement your business. Select the “Human Resources” category and you can find listings for healthcare or insurance providers. Select “Accounting” and you can find listings for CPA’s or accounting firms.

Find business partners or opportunities to get involved with startups.
If you have an idea for a business or a startup already in progress, you can post an opportunity highlighting the idea or business. An opportunity is similar to a job posting, except that it is aimed at finding the partners, advisors, consultants and mentors that your business needs. You can also search through profiles of skilled professionals who can contribute to the start and growth of your business. If you want to get involved in a startup, you can search startups that are looking for board members, advisors, co-founders, consultants, executives and a wide range of other positions.

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