It’s been more than a week, and top Chinese video site is still “down for maintenance” — This is the longest outage to happen to any of the top three Chinese video sites, all of which have received significant investment from international investors —’s include Sequoia Capital, Disney’s Steamboat Ventures, and we hear, Intel Capital. Chinese speakers, see’s message, above for the official explanation. The other two sites, and, have also faced outages supposedly due to technology problems, but nothing like this. Earlier this year, the Chinese government introduced regulations that promise to force every video site to become at least 50 percent controlled by a government entity — so these shutdowns may actually be a form of enforcement. Read more on Digital Watch and China Web 2.0 Review.

United Airlines is adding recharger slots for iPods and iPhones
— Now on select United planes, you’ll be able to plug your Apple device into a seat and watch what you have on it using a 15.4-inch television attached to the seat in front of you. Your device will recharge in the meantime. Looks like a rather boring and expensive airline is trying to be hip, in the face of competition from the likes of Virgin America and its geeked-out style. We commend the effort, and we’ll test it out once our skinflint business manager Jacob Mullins ups the travel budget a little.

EBay gets its own platform
— Taking a page from social networks, stodgy e-commerce giant eBay is launching its own developer platform so third parties can integrate their own software directly into the site. The company has had a developer program since 2000, helping to create a mini-industry of companies with software for things like helping “power sellers” — people who sell a lot of stuff on eBay — organize and track large amounts of their inventory. This platform is both more boring and likely more lucrative than social networking platforms have so far proven to be, although I’ve also heard that eBay’s auction software is aging and not so easy to work with.

Adobe posts strong second quarter earnings
— Revenue this past quarter was $886.9 million versus $745.6 million over the same period last year, and versus $890.4 million the first quarter of this year. More here.

Confirmed: Yahoo executive Jeff Weiner leaving for entrepreneurialism
He’s officially becoming an entrepreneur-in-residence for both Accel and Greylock Partners.

Solar panels. $50 million. Done.The chip company is spinning off solar panel maker SpectraWatt and funding it with $50 million. It’s not the only storied old tech company to get in on solar technology today: IBM is also jumping in.

YouTube and The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) launch brain health channel
— I’m not sure if the average YouTube user knows what “neurodegenerative” means, but that may soon change. The Google-owned video site and medical school UCSF are collaboratively launching a YouTube “channel” featuring educational information about fighting dementia and incurable brain diseases. The channel was put together by friends of a former top marketer at Apple and Netscape, Mike Homer, who is battling a form of neurodegenerative illness called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Those friends include top Valley names like investor Ron Conway, executive Bill Campbell, and YouTube founder Chad Hurley. Here’s a video interview with Conway, by reporter Kara Swisher, about the effort: