The latest fuel cell investment is a United Kingdom company called Intelligent Energy, which has taken $13.6 million toward development of hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles and airplanes.

According to the company’s release (via Earth2Tech ), it’s behind several existing products, including the Suzuki Crosscage fuel cell motorcycle, Peugeot Citroen’s H2Origin hybrid delivery vehicle, and a Boeing fuel-cell powered aircraft.

Another project has Intelligent Energy partnered with Scottish & Southern Energy to provide energy from fuel cells to customers in the UK and Ireland. And in 2012, the company is slated to help London provide fuel cell taxis for the Olympics. Beyond transportation and mobile power, the company also plans to sell its cells to the oil and gas industry.

No source for the funding was disclosed. Intelligent Energy is based in Loughborough, in central England, with offices in the United States, Israel, South Africa and Japan.