Facebook Connect, which allows for the use of the social network as a conduit for user data, is garnering a lot of buzz today at the f8 conference. The social news voting site Digg has signed on to use it, the micro-messaging service Twitter is on board, as is Citysearch, CBS, Hulu and others. But these are all standard websites, what about one of the hot trends in computing: Mobile?

Well, Facebook Connect has an answer for that too: Facebook Connect for the iPhone will be coming this fall.

Using the Cocoa framework, Facebook Connect for the iPhone will allow app developers to utilize Facebook data within their iPhone and iPod Touch apps. Facebook’s lead platform engineer Benjamin Ling wouldn’t reveal much other than that developers will have access to it this fall.

A service like Facebook Connect could be really useful on the iPhone given all the new apps it has through the App Store. It’s simply not quite as easy to sign up for all these new services and input all of your information as it would be on a computer — and Facebook Connect would let you do all of that with a single click.

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