The iPhone’s Safari web browser has ignited interest in browsing the “real web” on mobile devices, but it’s not the only mobile browser out there. Skyfire lets you see the web just as you would on your home computer but on a number of Windows Mobile-based devices. Today, it’s launching the beta version of its software for the Symbian platform as well.

Specifically, this version is built for the Symbian Series 60 (S60) platform, which is used on a variety of Nokia phones. Nokia recently purchased Symbian and plans to open the platform to spur development.

Skyfire mainly competes with the mobile version of Opera, Opera Mini, but Mozilla will soon be launching a mobile version of its Firefox browser as well. Skyfire claims it has an advantage in that, of all the mobile browsers on the market today, it’s the only one that supports “all Web 2.0 standards, including full support for Flash.”

It even notes in the press release that this means you can watch YouTube clips on your phone, and even cooler, Hulu videos. Hulu is the NBC and Fox-backed online video site that lets you watch premium television and film content for free.

The first 100 readers who go to this url: and use the code Vbeat, will be let into the beta program. Note that this is only for US-based phones at this time.

Skyfire raised a $13 million second round of funding back in May led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. This followed an initial $4.8 million round. The company hired former Mowser cofounder Mike Rowehl to be its scalability architect last month.