Some fans love to follow around their favorite bands and will do so across the country. If you happen to be into bands such as Shwayze, Chromeo, 3oh!3, The Submarines, The Secret Handshake, A Cursive Memory, Meiko, Valencia, The Medic Droid or Bayside, you’re in luck. Now you can pinpoint their exact location when they’re on tour this summer using the location-based mobile social network Loopt.

Even if you’re not into obsessively following around your favorite band, Loopt’s new “Follow the Music” program will alert you when the band comes into the town you’re in. The band can then alert you about special events if you’re close by.

Humorously, Loopt also says bands may “also ask fans for recommendations on things to do as they pull into a new city.” I know that I always wanted to tell my favorite band growing up, Pearl Jam, where to get a donut in my hometown.

Seriously though, this could be a potentially cool feature for the service if bands beyond this select group start using it. It’s a good example of technology brining fans closer their favorite artists.

Loopt currently works on a number of smartphones including the iPhone with its slick native application.