ScanCafe, a Burlingame, Calif. company that professionally restores old photos and other images, is announcing a new landmark in its two-year existence. It has scanned 10 million images.

The way the service works is that you send your images in, the company uses software and manual techniques to restore the photos, then it organizes the photos for you in a secure online account, while sending you back the originals. You select the images you want to keep offline — at least 50 percent — and the company sends you back digital copies of the selected images on a CD or DVD. See sample.

The service charges per scan, and provides a range of other options, like buying extra CDs. There are a wide range of competitors in this business, as seen in this price comparison list made by one of them apparently named Slide Scanning Pros (found via a comment on Crunchbase).

The company has another announcement today: It has raised $4 million from Sigma Partners.