VendAsta Technologies, a software consulting and development company, has raised $3 million to launch MyFrontSteps, a social software application focused on home improvement.

The application hasn’t launched yet, but VendAsta says the goal is to give users a way to share their home improvement experience and advice across their social networks. The first product will be something called StepRep, and will supposedly allow contractors, developers and other home improvement professionals to manage their reputations online.

There isn’t a lot of detail available about what MyFrontSteps’ products will do, so it’s not clear whether StepRep will be more useful for a business than just building their own website. I’m not a home improvement expert myself, but I suppose something like this could be useful for both homeowners and businesses, if it lives up the company’s promises. Chief executive Brendan King tells VentureWire MyFrontSteps’ products will be available on a subscription basis.

VendAsta is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The funding comes from Victoria Capital.