Here’s the latest action:

Microsoft cut prices for its Xbox 360 videogame consoles in Japan by as much as 30 percent — The software giant is trying to increase momentum in its most challenging market as the holiday season approaches.

VP candidate Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia bio was cleaned up — The fact that a single user made 30 positive edits to Palin’s bio shortly before the announcement that she’s John McCain’s running mate led to a flurry of online speculation that the McCain campaign made the edits. The anonymous Wikipedia user acknowledged that they volunteer for the campaign, but denied any conflict of interest.

MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson has a rich hacker history
That history includes FBI confiscation of his computer equipment. TechCrunch revealed earlier that Anderson, who has more MySpace friends than anyone else in the world, is really 37, not 32 as his profile says.

Tesla to supply battery packs to Daimler — Tesla will provide the batteries for Daimler’s 150 electric Smart cars deployed in Berlin, according to AutoblogGreen. The site reported the rumor a few weeks ago and now says there’s confirmation in the German edition of the Financial Times.

Movie social network Flixster acquires iPhone app — The application was purchased for an undisclosed price, then re-released last week. is probably the first iPhone app to get acquired.

Only 25 percent of Internet traffic now routed through the United States — In the earliest days of the web, all traffic went through the U.S., and that number was still 70 percent a decade ago. The shift has implications for intelligence agencies and foreign policy.

GameStop Chief Operating Officer Daniel DeMatteo will succeed longtime CEO Richard FontaineFontaine will stay on as videogame retailer’s chairman.

Linux developer Hans Reiser gets 15 years to life for killing his wife
— A deal with prosecutors led to Reiser’s reduced sentence after he brought police to his wife’s body.

New software offers iPhone-like navigation on Windows Mobile devices The application is called Kinoma Play and costs $30.

Game publisher Square Enix bids for Tecmo — If Tecmo’s board approves the deal, it would give Square Enix a stronger foothold in the United States.

Tech pioneer Judy Estrin warns of an innovation gap if the U.S. fails to invest — Estrin, formerly the chief technology officer at Cisco Systems, has written a book on “Closing the Innovation Gap.”