Stylesight, a company that helps merchandisers and designers track fashion trends, has raised $16 million in a first round of financing.

We’ve written about a bunch of fashion sites, particularly those targeting women, but Stylesight is aiming for businesses and professionals, not shoppers. The New York-based company’s services include trend forecasting and market reporting, which can be used to create new products and plan marketing campaigns. It also offers an image search tool that replaces the traditional portfolio of hot new fashion with an online database of 3 million images. You can see a screenshot of one of Stylesight’s “Fashion Office” trend reports below. (No, I’m not sure why scrap metal is trendy, but I guess that’s why we need the professionals.)

Stylesight provides its services via online subscription, also known as software-as-a-service. It was founded in 2003 by Frank Bober, who previously worked in the manufacturing industry. The round comes from Fidelity Ventures.