Ffwd has gone live with its service of presenting videos to you in a more relevant way than other Internet sources.

Patrick Koppula, chief executive of ffwd, says its easier to deliver a relevant video to someone via the channel metaphor in ffwd. You can create your own channel or subscribe to someone else who has very similar tastes to you. You can also discover videos that are linked to the videos or channels that you are currently viewing.

Once you subscribe to about seven channels, ffwd figures out how to create a personalized channel for you based on what it thinks you like. It then allows you to see things you want to see as well as discover relevant videos that you may not have known about. It can also glean your tastes from your Netflix queue, your Twitter feed and other social sources where you list your own video tastes.

We wrote about ffwd earlier this summer but now it’s live. Ffwd competes with another company that came on stage at DEMO, Invision TV. Invision TV had an interesting interface for surfing through lots of video — while you’re watching a video on the right hand side of the screen.

The company raised a first round of financing from Draper Fisher Jurvetson in 2007.