Ceiva has been offering the ability to send pictures to a digital picture frame for a subscription fee. But YouGotPhoto, created by Taiwan’s UGA Digital, will now do the same thing for free.

UGA has created a site that lets you take pictures from your photo sites such as Flickr and then send them to digital photo frames at your mom’s house or other places. It is working to get the technology designed into a new generation of digital photo frames. In turn, the company hopes to collect a license fee from the frame makers.

Sharing is easy via email. The pictures are delivered over the Internet via Wi-Fi connections built into the picture frames.

The Taipei-based company has 20 employees and was founded in 2007. It has raised $300,000 in seed money from Gemtek, Huveur Technologies, and RDC Semiconductor. Its competitors include Ceiva, Frame Channel, Ality, and Kodak. In contrast to Kodak or Ceiva, UGA doesn’t put its own brand on the service or frames.

Nick Fothergill, general manager, said that the company can make money from consumer frame maker license fees as well as deals with commercial display makers who run advertisements on big screens in places such as malls. Its software can also be used in cell phones as well. The software has to be embedded in chip sets used in the various digital devices to enable the service.