So far, we’ve relied on TV Guide — or TiVo — to know when and what television programs are scheduled on TV.

But we haven’t had anything of the sort for Internet video. Partly that’s because Internet video runs when want, not at a scheduled time: You simply click in a video link, or type in a URL for the video, and hit play. But even if you throw out the timing guide, you still want to a way to track the news, entertainment and other video you like — especially since so much of it is coming online.

Invision TV helps you organize the videos you want to watch by topic, search for more videos, and then share them all from a personalized interface.

It lets you watch the videos in a player on the page (it doesn’t host the video; it simply pulls the video in via an embed on your page), and lets you search for other videos at the same time. See screenshot below, as well as the video of the company’s demo at the conference today. In face, the company just won a DEMOgod award; ten of the 72 companies presented win the award for best companies.

Can it really be the first Internet guide out there? Well, you had early companies like MeeVee, but they got stuck still trying to organize your TV programming online, rather than simply video, and struggled. Truveo and Blinkx are other players in this area, but they don’t boast the full range of social features Invision offers, such as commenting on video or sharing with friends through social networks.

But here’s the real goal for Invision TV: Eventually, it wants to be your start guide for your living room TV — once households embrace Internet video on demand as their primary source for viewing.

The company has also got a Facebook app, as well as a widget that lets Invision TV play within iGoogle and other sites.

It is run by Derrick Frost, founder and CEO, and Jeff King, chief operating officer — both were founding executives at the Road Runner Internet service, owned by Time Warner.

The company launched today, and so far has been self-funded. They tell me they’re looking for their first round of capital.

[Update: I just heard from the folks at OVGuide. They claim OVGuide is the largest online video guide, indexing over 2,200 online video sites, and getting more than 12 million page views a month. They also say the site was recently named third-fastest growing Web property in the US by comScore.]

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Invision TV screenshot