60 days after the launch of the App Store there are already a ton of applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. In fact, at today’s Apple “Let’s Rock” event Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said there are over 3,000 apps that have been downloaded some 100,000,000 times already. With so many apps there is getting to be a lot of competition out there between ones that serve similar functions. Medialets‘ new analytics release aims to show developers the best data to analyze their applications and compare them to similar ones.

Medialets is a company that gives analytical data for apps through its Medialytics product. (It also has an ad serving platform, but that isn’t the focus here.) The new release not only offers a nice interface for all of the important information such as downloads, but it allows for customizable ways to look at a lot of different usage patterns. For example, you can see what percentage of people are using your app on the iPhone versus the iPod touch. Or, drilling down even further, you can see things like number of users who’ve signed up for you application since your last login to Medialytics.

But it’s the comparative data to competitors that could be really important to developers. Say for example you have a fake lighter application (which there are several of), you can compare the usage data for your app to the usage data of your competitors’ using public App Store data that Medialets gathers. This can help developers determine aspects of their apps such a price point.

The company has already signed up 200 developers to use its service in the two months it’s been around. This is around 20 percent of all developers for the App Store, the company tells me. That is a much higher percentage than other analytical companies providing data for App Store apps.

The analytics product is free to sign up for and only requires a small code snippet be added to an application. Data sent to Medialets servers is anonymous.

Check out some shots of the new version of Medialytics rolling out next week below.