UIEvolution, a mobile technology startup that was acquired by video game maker Square Enix in 2004, is making a second go-round as an independent company, and it just raised funding from Intel Capital. The company isn’t disclosing the amount, but the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that it was $5 million.

The Bellevue, Wash. startup offers a number of tools for the creation and delivery of mobile content. UIEvolution claims its platform delivers rich media content to 1 million mobile phones — more than anyone else. The company also says it can provide the infrastructure to deliver content to televisions, consumer electronics and automobiles. (That’s right.) UIEvolution also lists some big-name customers for its design services, including MySpace, Disney and the Internet Movie Database.

This is UIEvolution’s first round since it spun off from Square Enix in January. The details of the spin off were a bit mysterious — Square Enix only said the decision was made in the “best interests” of both companies and Square Enix’s shareholders. UIEvolution said the move would allow it to refocus on its original area of expertise. The video game maker, which publishes the Final Fantasy video game franchise, had previously purchased UIEvolution for $58 million, while spinning the company off again was backed by undisclosed Seattle investors.

Itochu and UIEvolution founder Satoshi Nakajima also participated in the round.