amiest logoAmieSt, the online digital music store that relies on users to determine the popularity and purchase price of artists’ content, reveals a new site design and a handful of new features today. Most of the site’s new features include more custom capabilities for site members.

A new personalized homepage shows real time data on what a user’s friends are buying on AmieSt, as well as continually updated news and blog information about particular artists in a user’s preferred genres. A new media player also allows users to have their purchases, as well as their friends’ purchases, streamed in a more customized manner. Both of these new features have been used with other social music and discovery sites, such as’s neighborhood view of your friends’ activity in order to provide recommendations, and MySpace Music’s new playlist creator that gathers metrics on played and shared songs.

In addition to the personalized home page and the new media player, AmieSt has also added a number of search filters, such as “free songs” and “top albums” that cater to various types of users, depending on the amount of time and money they have to spend on the site.

While the two year-old site doesn’t have any commercial relationship with Amazon, AmieSt has already received its first round of funding from the mega online retailer. AmieSt is currently seeking its second round of funding, which has been slightly affected by the volatile market, but “we’re seeing double-digit growth month after month and that’s put us in a good position in talking to investors, because we don’t need the money for more research and development, but it would go directly towards growth,” says AmieSt founder Joshua Boltuch.