Web game startup Kirkland North brought in $225,000 in a seed funding round led by Harrison Metal Capital last week, reports PE Wire. The Oakland, Calif.-based company will continue to develop PlayTurf.net, a site that lets you play a ‘Risk’-like war game called Turf based in your own neighborhood.

It works very similar to the board game, presenting maps of your local community split into zones that players then attempt to conquer. All moves are made through the online interface, but it’s assumed that most users will team up with neighbors and strategize offline — spurring real-life social networking (a novel concept these days). With Turf, you can also customize your game to your company’s office or your college campus.

With the latter, it’s in direct competition with GoCrossCampus, a similar game already entrenched at many schools (the Ivy League already has a GoCrossCampus championship tournament ). The two startups have done battle over who developed the idea first, suggesting that only one can win.