The social aggregation site FriendFeed is currently down as I write this. [Update: It’s back up, more on that below.]

“We had a major failure with one of our backends. We are in the process of restoring. We hope to have it back very soon,” co-founder Bret Taylor tells me.

What’s ironic is that people used to switch over to FriendFeed to talk about Twitter being down, back when that micro-messaging service was having all of its problems. Now a ton of people are writing tweets (Twitter messages) about the FriendFeed failure.

FriendFeed’s team has basically schooled Twitter in terms of implementing a number of features, most recently with its instant messaging integration (which Twitter had to disable a while back). But today’s shutdown proves that even the best teams fall victim to downtime.

Update: Taylor just notified me: “We are back up now. We are investigating what caused it and how to prevent it in the future.”

Update 2: Taylor left an update on a FriendFeed thread for a “technical” explanation of the problem.

“Server 1: “I am getting sick of all this serving crap.” Server 2: “I am too. Let’s simultaneously fail right now.” Server 3: “Hey, great idea!” Server 4: “Don’t leave me out!””

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