TrustedID is introducing today a new service that predicts how vulnerable a customer is to identity theft. The Identity Threat Score is a numerical rating that shows the consumer the level of risk.

Redwood City, Calif.-based TrustedID also suggests the next steps for a consumer to reduce his or her risk of identity theft. The score is based on a predictive scoring model dubbed IdentityScan, which uses science-based analytics to search deep into billions of records from hundreds of sources. It sifts through public records, credit reports, the Internet and other proprietary databases to find information about you.

If it is very successful at finding your private details, it can then assign a probability of the risk of identity theft. With early identification, TrustedID’s IDFreeze service can freeze the consumer’s credit and stop identity theft before it happens, the company says.

Scott Mitic, CEO of TrustedID, says that the company can give consumers an unprecedented degree of insight into their own risk profiles. Tom Wills, an analyst at security ressearch firm Javelin Strategy and Research, said the service looks useful, is easy to understand and produces immediate results.