Since the App Store launched this past summer, it was odd to me that none of the big social-voting sites have launched iPhone apps. Sure, all work on the iPhone’s Safari web browser, and some, like Digg, are even optimized for it, but given how devoted some of those sites’ users are, it would seem logical to create slick apps for the services. Now there is one — unofficially — for Reddit.

The app, made by developer Joseph Pintozzi, showcases the most popular stories on Reddit at any given time in a view optimized for the iPhone. It’s pretty nice, the main page shows the top headlines and clicking on any of them loads the actual story in the Reddit app’s own browser. Clicking on the blue arrows to the right of the headline gives you more options such as seeing all the comments on a story and which Reddit user submitted it. In fact, the Reddit iPhone app only seems to lack one thing: Voting!

Well, technically you can vote if you view the comments on the story and scroll up to the main headline and push the up or down arrow (how you vote on Reddit). You’ll have to log in of course, and really this is just the same as using in the web browser. There should be an easy way to vote right within the app, but since it’s not official, Reddit likely isn’t allowing you to do that. [Update below.]

But it should. The company announced over the summer that it was open-sourcing its service so that developers could help make it better. So far, not much has come of this, but a full-featured Reddit iPhone app with voting functionality would be a great start. I’ve contacted Reddit about the app, but have yet to hear back.

Update: Pintozzi writes on the application’s App Store page that “the ability to vote on a submission is currently being added.” Nice!

Also a bit frustrating is while there is some “Subreddit” support, that is, topic-specific Reddit pages, only the most popular ones are currently supported. But more Subreddit support is coming, according to the application’s App Store page.

It’s nice to see at least one of the social voting sites finally get an iPhone app. Now, where’s the Digg app?

The Reddit app is $0.99 in the App Store.