Strands has become the first “lifestreaming” company to get an app in Apple’s iPhone App Store. Like other aggregator services, including FriendFeed and socialmedian, Strands’ web service (in beta) lets you share your activity on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and many other sites, and see what your friends on Strands are sharing.

The company’s new iPhone app is very young, even though it can claim the distinction of “first.” For the time being, it’s primary use is to allow users to tap into the online service while on the go. It does let you post notes to the service, but that’s something users could already do using Twitter. A much more interesting feature for the iPhone app would be the ability to take photos from the phone and send them to the service. Social network Facebook’s iPhone app already offers this feature. (For what it’s worth, Facebook also offers limited ways to integrate your activity from other sites into it.)

Expect Strand’s iPhone app to keep improving, along with the rest of the lifestreaming service’s web and mobile offerings. The company has already built mobile web sites designed for the iPhone, Blackberry devices, and other smartphones. Meanwhile, Strands is working to pair its lifestreaming service with its mature personalized recommendation technology. This will allow the company to more efficiently show you the most interesting things your friends are sharing.

Separately, you can see Strands’ technology in play on other offerings, like its moneyStrands money-management service and its MyStrands music discovery service. Note, also, that the company already has experience developing mobile applications, having built a version of MyStrands for the Window Mobile and Symbian and mobile operating systems.

[Screenshots via Louis Gray]