Here’s the latest action:

Yahoo flushes its “poison pill” — One of the reasons Microsoft decided not to go hostile in its bid to buy Yahoo was that the company had a so-called “poison pill” plan in place in which hundreds of millions of dollars would have likely been due to employees who left due to their unhappiness with any Microsoft/Yahoo merger. A few Yahoo shareholders decided to sue the company to remove this plan, and today the company has settled that suit by drastically altering the plan so that compensation would only be granted to those who are basically demoted in any future merger or acquisition deal, The New York Times Bits blog reports.

This news comes on a day when Yahoo laid off more than 1,500 workers. The company is also still seeking a new chief executive following Jerry Yang’s decision to step down. If some company, let’s make up one called Icrosoft-May, were to want to do a deal, it might be an opportune time.

Crain’s shutters its print version — The financial weekly will now only exist online, following a trend that we’re starting to see among the previously powerful print publications. PaidContent has more.

WordPress hopes “Coltrane” is a love supreme — The blogging platform which powers some of the biggest blogs on the web (and this one as well) has released the 2.7 version of its software which it is calling “Coltrane.” It has a completely new interface and claims to make tasks a few clicks faster. Hey admins, can we upgrade?

Latest Firefox beta has multi-touch support — Mozilla’s Firefox 3.1 beta 2 supports gestures similar to the ones that users of Mac laptops (which feature multi-touch in the newer trackpads) are accustomed to with the Safari web browser. But there are some other interesting gestures as well such as “Twist Right” and “Twist Left” for previous and next tabs. MacRumors has more. and CNET newsrooms to merge, with layoffs — CBS Inactative, which bought CNET earlier this year will merge its newsroom with’s, according to paidContent. Layoffs are coming as well, though it’s not yet clear how many.

MySpace launches a new toolbar for browsers — This internally developed project will give users real time alerts and notifications from the social network. It will work on IE 6.0 or higher as well as Firefox 2.0 or higher. There is no Mac support yet, but it’s coming. Social network addicts rejoice. MarketWatch has more.

Apple firmware update fixes newer MacBooks — Users had been having issues with the new notebooks trackpads should find those resolved. CNET has more.

Sequoia RIP presentation inspired by former Stanford University chief — Sequoia partner Michael Goguen says that the entire presentation was the outgrowth of a Sequoia partners meeting with Eric Upin, the former Stanford University investment chief who joined Sequoia earlier this year to launch an asset management organization (think a smaller version of Makena Capital). Upin laid out such a startling economic forecast that Sequoia’s venture capitalists felt their portfolio companies needed to be informed ASAP. peHUB has the full story.