Hold onto your trendy fedora hats, MySpace just released its “Top 8 of 2008” awards, presumably because Top 10 lists are just so 2007. The lists include the top eight site searches in the categories of music, film, comedy, technology and video. Things I didn’t want to learn? Dane Cook remains the top comedian on MySpace (though his detractors have their own MySpace profile).

The top 8 search terms:

1. Twilight

2. Chat

3. MySpace Layouts

4. Jennifer Hudson

5. Beyonce

6. Mobsters

7. Lil Wayne

8. Taylor Swift

The overall search rankings overlapped with a lot of the other top 8 MySpace lists, such as Mobsters being the most downloaded application on MySpace, Taylor Swift topping the list of searched musical artists, and Lil’ Wayne being featured in one of the most streamed songs on MySpace Music.

Google and Yahoo’s top search terms of 2008 — Britney Spears, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin — were nowhere to be seen on MySpace’s list, so it’s safe to say that MySpace’s search serves a different function than Google’s or Yahoo’s.

MySpace’s demographic skews much younger than the large search engines and doesn’t actually cater to everyone. Customization of profiles, the ability to chat (and bicker) with friends, stream music and entertaining videos has always been the biggest draw of MySpace’s media offerings. Let’s face it, middle schoolers and high schoolers are more interested in vampire love stories like Twilight and comedian Fred Figglehorn than the economic crisis right now. Okay, and this self-professed crazy Twilight fan may have contributed to the rankings:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFG9lXc2upQ&hl=en&fs=1]

The funniest pairing of search rankings has to be the list of top 8 most popular non-celebrity bloggers, with Evolution is a Fact coming in #2 followed by Christians United in Christ. PostSecret, the inspiring community art project where people anonymously mail in their secrets written on homemade postcards, tops the list.

What does it mean when the Jonas Brothers are nowhere to be found in the rankings, despite having one of 2008’s top YouTube videos, with over 49 million views?