Just a week ago, you could make the argument that Apple was a bunch of prudes when it came to the App Store. Not only were they not allowing sexually explicit applications in the store, but even sexually suggestive and just plain old crude apps were being banned as well. Then came an NC-17 game with cartoon violence, then came an app that makes farting sounds, then another one (and another)…and today brings yet another racy gem: iDateMe, an app that features a picture of two people having sex.

Okay, to be fair, these two people could just be sleeping naked on top of one another (in which case the woman is clearly a snorer), or they could be naked wrestling (but is that really any better?), but it sure looks like they are in the midst of coitus. And that’s the point of the app.

iDateMe claims to be a “Trojan horse” that looks like a dating app (hence the sex pic) but really is meant to lure thieves into turning it on and giving away the location of your phone (and themselves) thanks to the iPhone’s GPS. Yes, this app is pretty ridiculous.

I’m not sure which is the worse assumption: That all thieves are perverts, or that the thieves will only be using the app from the comfort of their own homes where you can find them?

What if they turn on iDateMe in the car, or at a mall? The app will send out their coordinates and they’ll likely be gone by the time you can do anything about it. And what are you going to do, anyway? Even if the thieves are at home, are you going to go to a thief’s house to get your phone back? Or maybe you’ll call the cops and they’ll drop whatever homicide case they’re on to go rescue your stolen iPhone.

No one wants to get an iPhone stolen, but I fail to see how iDateMe is really going to help you if you do. I’d save yourself the $0.99 the app costs — unless you want a sex picture on your iPhone, in which case this is a steal.