Warning: If you see the following direct message from someone on Twitter do not follow the link:

hey! check out this funny blog about you… jannawalitax . blogspot . com

It’s a phishing scam that will send you to a fake Twitter login page (that looks real) to attempt to steal your password, and then apparently use it to send this fake site to all of your followers. I’ve been pinged a number of times about the scam, but have yet to receive a message myself.

DailyTechTalk’s Adam Jackson gave me the heads up that the fake blogspot domain forwards to a domain with the URL twitter.access-logins.com — which is a subdomain of a Facebook phishing site apparently based in China, according to LaughingSquid’s Scott Beale.

Again, don’t click on that link, or at least don’t give it your password.

Update: Twitter is already on the case and has a warning message up on the main site.

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