23/6, a political comedy site that boasts “the sluttiest news team on the internet,” will soon have a new home — it’s just been bought by progressive news site Huffington Post, which took $25 million in funding last month. The standalone site launched in November 2007 as a joint venture between HuffPo, as it is commonly called, and Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp. Now 23/6, acquired as a “vertical” site, is going to be blended into HuffPo as a new comedy section, according to the official memo on Jossip.

23/6 is known for its irreverent Dickipedia, a veritable encyclopedia of jerks like con man Bernard Madoff (don’t worry, females make the list too, like Madonna), original satirical videos, and The Room, its group blog. The site cheekily calls itself “a co-production between the gigantic, vaguely Death Star-like IAC, and The Huffington Post, a progressive news hub where outraged people go in order to get more outraged before going to have dinner at Nobu.” Now only the latter part of that statement will be true.

The acquisition comes as a relief for many who thought 23/6 would be cut or sold off as reports in December speculated that IAC’s reorganization might mean it was spinning off smaller, ad-supported sites like College Humor and 23/6.

HuffPo, which began as a political news site, has been looking to expand its coverage into other news areas such as lifestyle and entertainment to keep advertising and traffic up now that the election is over (236.com gets 2 million unique monthly visitors, while HuffPo snags 16 million, notes PaidContent). The comedy section that 23/6 will create will join the recently launched Green section, which covers sustainability, the environment and all topics beloved by treehuggers.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing a funny 23/6 video with you.