Update: As one of the commenters points out, a PDF of today’s Chronicle implies that the ad is just a sticker or overlay on the front page, not the front page itself. That’s not unprecedented, but I’m still boggling at how the ad is virtually the only thing you see through the newsstand window.

Check out the front page of today’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. I’ve seen ads along the the top or the bottom of a front page, or along the side, but never one that is basically more prominent and more space-consumng than any of the articles. Granted, I don’t see the print copy of the Chronicle every day, because I just subscribe to the RSS feed, but jeez, it makes you nostalgic for the days when people were freaking out about any ads on the front page at all, doesn’t it?

Also, note that this is the 144th anniversary issue of the Chronicle. Happy birthday, San Francisco Chronicle! I really hope you’re around for your 145th, and if you are, that there is more news than advertising on your front page.