The micro-messaging service Twitter today decided to tweak the logo on its main site to make it smaller. It’s not entirely clear why it did this, but the logo now seems to be the same height as the main site links in the upper right hand corner.

Naturally, when the new logo went live this evening, Twitter users started freaking out. Some liked the change, some hated it, but most people seemed to think they were losing their minds and couldn’t figure out if anything had in fact changed. The fact that so many people were talking about it proves something that I’ve always known about social media: Most users of various social media sites love nothing more than talking about those social media sites, on those sites — it’s a vicious cycle.

The logo change is probably just Twitter streamlining the design a bit. Is this a sign that it is getting ready to monetize the service? Probably not — unless it needs room for a giant banner ads on the top of the page.

But one thing is clear: Twitter did not follow the golden rule of logo design as sung by Burn Black, “Make the Logo Bigger.” (Listen below.)

Make the Logo Bigger - Burn Back

Update: As blogger Frederic Lardinois points out on Twitter, there is also now an RSS feed link on every user’s page.

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