Maverick Angels is a Los Angeles-based network of angel investors — but it’s opening its doors to potential members around the country with AngelLink, its new “virtual investment network,” which allows members to watch and discuss startup pitches online.

At first, I thought AngelLink sounded similar to Angelsoft, the popular dealflow management software for angels, but it’s actually a very different product. Whereas Angelsoft provides technology to more than 450 angel groups and venture funds, AngelLink is all about allowing investors anywhere to access a single group. Maverick Angels founder John Dilts says his group is the first to go virtual in this way, but it’s an approach that makes sense. If that’s true, I’d expect at least a few angel groups to follow suit — participating through a website has drawbacks compared to meeting in-person, but there’s also an advantage to removing a group’s geographic constraints.

Dilts says the defining characteristic of AngelLink will be quality — of the investors who are already part of Maverick Angels, of the new members they’ll allow to join (you have to be accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission, by the way), and of the entrepreneurs who pitch. He doesn’t provide too many details about Maverick’s investments and returns, in part because all deals are made individually, but he says the group includes “seasoned executives” from Nestle, Citibank, Washington Mutual, and Broadcom, and that his personal best return was 20 times the investment.

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