Crispy Gamer, a game fan web site that asserts its independence from bias from refusing to take ads from the games industry, announced today that it’s secured content syndication partnerships with Tribune Media Services, McClatchy Tribune Information Services and GamerDNA.

That means Crispy Gamer’s game news, columns and reviews could appear in dozens of publications across the country. Tribune Media Services is a division of Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, while McClatchy Tribune Information Services is a joint venture of Tribune and the McClatchy chain, which owns newspapers including the Sacramento Bee. GamerDNA, meanwhile, is a social network for gamers. Tribune reaches over three million readers via a dozen newspapers. McClatchy reaches more than 3.3 million readers in 29 U.S. markets.

It’s significant that New York-based Crispy Gamer is able to cut deals like this, since it has taken an approach of being an independent destination for gamers. Its controversial position of refusing to take ads from video game companies allayed concerns about conflict of interest for its content. That kind of policy meets with the ethical standards of established media, and so it’s no surprise that the syndication partners trust Crispy Gamer enough to run its content.

However, everyone knows that newspapers are having a tough time hanging on to readers. Attempts like this to cater to younger demographics are noble, but they haven’t helped forestall the decline of newspaper readership. I would hazard that the GamerDNA deal, which is squarely in Crispy Gamer’s demographic, would generate the most interest and readers.

John Keefer, editor-in-chief of Crispy Gamer (right), will moderate a panel at VentureBeat’s GamesBeat 09 conference on the future of games. Crispy Gamer raised $8.25 million in funding in October from J.P. Morgan’s Constellation Ventures.

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