J. Paul Raines, chief operating officer of game retailer GameStop, didn’t take any questions after his speech on the benefits of selling used games at the Dice Summit on Friday morning. But David Perry, chief creative officer at Acclaim Games, was one of those itching to grill Raines. Perry offered this response to Raines’ speech:

The DICE speech was GameStop’s chance to step up, and respond to the Used Game Sale issue.  Instead they presented the same corporate rubbish.  Just like the Digital Distribution is 12-17 years away, statements last September.

I was hoping they would accept questions from the Audience.  But no.  Of course not.

They should have said, “We understand you feel that our used game model is unfair, we hear you, we are setting up meetings with the top publishers in the industry, to focus on this question, and find an equitable solution.”

Instead they just say “these are not the droids you’re looking for” as they wave their hand in the air.

In reality, imagine Regal Cinemas decided to start buying back ticket stubs from movie viewers, and selling them to the next person in line (keeping all the revenue for themselves).  Over and over and over.  Just how long would Hollywood stand for that?

Now imagine that Hollywood advertises and partners with Regal cinemas to actually generate their audience!   So they even pay to dress up the cinema with advertising, standees etc.  After driving someone to see the movie, Regal turns around and sells them a used ticket, and keeps the money.

It’s complete smoke and mirrors, and to be clear, the industry has NO problem with them opening some other chain called “USED GAME STORE”, but that we won’t be sending our traffic to.

In my presentation I renamed them “Used GameStop”, and the entire room burst into applause.  Why?  Clearly GameStop is oblivious to the fact that the industry IS NOT behind this practice?

Nobody can speak out as they rely on Gamestop, so I do.  But trust me, there is talk of standing up against them as an industry.  If that happens, GameStop stock will PLUMMET, (E3 shows it’s possible), so I’d suggest, they start talking to the industry, not getting creative with their Powerpoints and hoping everyone will buy into this nonsense.

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