Here’s the latest action:

Bartz to rock Yahoo like a hurricane — The new Yahoo chief executive is planning a major shakeup which could happen as soon as this week, according to BoomTown. Many top execs could be out, and a lot of the recent changes made by former chief executive Jerry Yang and president Sue Decker could be undone. Apparently, they don’t call Bartz “Hurricane Carol” for nothing.

VC stimulus plan is silly — We agree with everyone else. Friedman’s idea to divert bailout money into VC firms is misguided. Everyone else has weighed in with the reasons already, so we won’t wax long on this. The industry has long suffered from too much cash. Returns are already low enough.

Microsoft wants a refund…from fired employees — When the software giant laid off 1,400 employees last month, it apparently overpaid on its severance packages to some. Now it wants that money back, which has all the makings of a truly great PR disaster. TechCrunch has more.

Have Internet? You’re lucky. — The man commonly known as the “father of the Internet,” Vint Cerf (who now works as Google’s chief Internet evangelist), tells ReadWriteWeb that some some 80 percent of the world still needs an Internet connection. And that if we don’t do something about current IP addresses, we’re going to run out of them by 2010.


Chip industry recovery is 3 years out — That’s what Morris Chang, the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., tells The Wall Street Journal.

A solar-powered machine to turn carbon dioxide into fuel — The device coming out of Penn State University works at “unprecedented rates,” but don’t expect it to be cheap. New Scientist has more.

More crazy Joaquin loveThe actor’s odd appearance on David Letterman is still huge on the Internet. The clip was viewed some 7.5 million times, according to CBS Interactive’ data. That makes it the most popular Late Show clip ever. It will probably get a boost from Ben Stiller’s parody of Phoenix last night at the Oscars.

The National Science Foundation gets $3 billion — That’s its cut of the economic stimulus package. But it’s not yet clear how much will go towards new R&D projects, and how much will go towards things like facility upgrades. has more.

Hey looky, a physical iPhone keyboard — Okay, maybe it’s not exactly what you had in mind (I’m talking to you, commeneters), but it works.