Telonu, a site where users can review jobs and layoffs, is launching a handy (and depressing) way to stay on top of our crumbling economy: a new Layoff Tracker widget that can be added to any blog or website.

I last looked at Telonu in December when I found the Layoff Talk section to be the most compelling part of the site. Sure, there was plenty of venom and bias, but the often anonymous comments were undeniably compelling and offered a personal dimension to the layoff numbers. Since then, the Layoff Talk section has been expanded with sections for layoff tells (rumors), layoff news, and advice on how to cope when you lose your job.

The Layoff Tracker widget is actually one of the less compelling parts of the site, since all the layoff numbers are pulled from elsewhere on the web; there’s nothing unique about Telonu’s data. (Also, TechCrunch’s more tech-focused layoff tracker may be more relevant to our readers.) Still, it includes plenty of layoffs that I’d never heard about, and it presents those numbers in a clear, reverse-chronological way that highlights the fact that layoffs are happening all the time.

I’m curious to see what kind of publishers embrace the Layoff Tracker; it’s a bit bleak to add permanently to your site. But wherever it’s added, it will be a nice advertisement for the Milpitas, Calif. startup, which needs the publicity to catch up to Glassdoor, its better-known and older competitor.

Telonu is financed by friends and family for now.