Our friends over at GigaOm’s Earth2Tech are having a new conference: Green:Net.

Two of the biggest challenges facing our society — economy and climate change — are so intertwined that it is virtually impossible to solve one problem without fixing the other. These challenges also offer opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs, technologists and investors.

Green:Net is the first green conference for the Internet Technology industry. Alternative energy gets lots of attention at most green conferences. Green:Net provides a specific point of view on how the computing and Internet revolutions will provide the tools needed to fight climate change. The event aims to connect Internet and communication network-savvy professionals with a key growth market.

Hear some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names talk about where they see opportunity in this new green economy. Executives from Microsoft, GE, Google, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Polaris Ventures and 60 other leading technology companies discuss where web and digital technologies meet the green agenda.

Also, two technology officials from the State of California will discuss how the state is using infotech to reduce energy consumption and how entrepreneurs and innovators can work more closely with the state. If you have digital technology that you think California just can’t do without, be sure to meet up with the duo at Green:Net.

When: March 24, 2009
Where: Golden Gate Club, San Francisco, CA

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Regular tickets are $495.

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