Here’s the latest action:

New Apple patent filings raise eyebrows — The next versions of the iPhone could make use of a motion-aware user interface, based on some recent patent filings. MacRumors has more.

Nokia’s net income takes a dive — Phone maker’s net income falls 90 percent in the first quarter. CNET has more.

Bartz unlikely to sell Yahoo? — A profile in Fortune of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz cites unnamed sources as saying that Bartz doesn’t want to sell out to Microsoft, despite new talks.

Oh please please please buy me — Sun Microsystems reportedly wants IBM to come back. Bloomberg has more.

Can enforce its virtual world patent on everyone? — wants to enforce a virtual world patent against an industry. It has started with a suit against online game publisher NCSoft. The case just moved to California.

Second Life starts to grow again — After a stall in growth, Linden Lab’s virtual world has started gathering steam again. It may be due to the company’s efforts to make the first hour for newcomers more fun. GigaOm has more.

TRUSTe has acquired Haute Secure
TRUSTe is buying the Seattle maker of website scanning and security software, for an undisclosed amount. TRUSTe has raised VC funding from Accel Partners, while Haute Secure was backed by Baseline Ventures, Ron Conway and Ram Shiram.

Macrovision Agrees to Acquire Assets of Muze for $16.5 million — Macrovision Solutions is buying the assets of Muze, which created entertainment information products and discovery services. Previously, Enterprise Partners Venture Capital bought Muze in 2005 from Metromedia for $30 million. PEHub has more.

Blogs are still going strong — Automattic’s chief says that, based on downloads of WordPress, blogging is as popular as ever. Techcrunch has more.

SF mayor loves ocean energy — Gavin Newsom said that America could run on power from the oceans. GigaOm has more.

Employee prank makes it to YouTube, taints Domino’s Pizza brand — Employees film themselves putting disgusting snot on pizza and it appears on YouTube. Authorities track them down and charge them with distributing tainted food. And there goes the Domino’s brand. The New York Times has more.

Vin Diesel has 1.5 million friends — The celebrity’s public profile on Facebook is growing at an alarming rate, and he could bankrupt Facebook if he gets more friends (we jest). Inside Facebook has more.

Rosetta Stone language software goes public
— Ending a dry spell, Rosetta Stone goes public, and its shares rise after debut. Long live the IPO. The Washington Post has more.

Obama touts high-speed rail
— Trains, trains and more trains are part of this White House plan to improve transportation, help the country recover, and take cars off the road. The White House blog has more.