Here’s the latest action:

Expectations run high for Apple earnings
— Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey estimates the iPhone maker’s take at $8 billion for the second quarter, up 6 percent from last year.

Twitter topped 9 million visitors in March — The micro-blogging site saw a 131 percent spike in traffic, largely driven by older users. comScore has the scoop.

Twitter Trend Report

CNN and Ashton Kutcher neck and neck in Twitter raceThe sprint to 1 million followers is heating up, with CNN assuming control of user James Cox’s account to boost its numbers. Word is that Electronic Arts has also thrown its hat into the ring.

Hewlett-Packard trumps Dell in computer sales
— Both IDC and Gartner reported that HP outsold Dell during the first three months of the year, attributing the former’s success to stronger sales in the U.S.

New York Times wants to throw Sarah Lacy “under the bus” — The Times and the tech blogger traded barbs over her interview with Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, in which he called Sunday Business columnist Randall Stross “a huge douche bag” (read why here). The Times ran a correction on Stross’ column, but also took a jab at Lacy’s professionalism. Needless to say, she took exception. Find the back and forth here.

The internet goes to the mattresses — Organized crime is still the culprit behind most online security breaches and hacks. The Washington Post has full analysis.

Execs devise payment system for online journalism — Three media executives have teamed up to build a system for magazines and newspapers to charge their online users “all you can read” subscription fees. A viable solution or just a bandaid? Decide for yourself.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra takes the stage — Over 90 musicians from around the world — selected via a tough YouTube contest — played together for the first time last night at Carnegie Hall in New York. Learn more on the orchestra’s official web site. Here’s a teaser for good measure: