Hello BitMobers,

       My name is Toby or others know me as ATC 1982 which is my gamer tag.  When I am not searching the web for the latest game information.  My other hobbies include updating my new site www.atc1982.wordpress.com at least once a week.  Basically it was created since I was turned down for a job with a video game developer for a position that was open.  Other then that I enjoy teaching my four year old daughter how to play games.  She knows how to play Viva Pinata: trouble in Paradise on fun mode.  Her main thing is she knows all the pinatas and how to find them from the book to the screen and back with out looking at the controller.  She loves to play My Sims kingdom for the Wii as well.  That is it about me so hope your like me and will enjoy what the crew here at BitMob is doing on there corner of cyberspace.  have a great gaming day.